All colors:
Frame introduced:

Model: AS718

Frame Material: PC

Lens Material: PC

Lens Color: Clear, Gray

Frame Color: Black+black, black+orange, Clear+orange

Anti-UV400: Yes


Size: Adult

Usage:Construction site, Industrial production, Laboratory, Operating room, Prevent wind and sand, Riding a bike

Glasses Size:
Glasses recommended:
Instructions for use:
Safety glasses:
1.  PC lenses and temples.
2.  100%UV protection, anti-scratch, anti-collision, windproof, dustproof, high impact.
3.  High tech and ventilation design, protection eyes and face from the dust, soot, metal, sand debris and chemical solution of sputtering damage.
4.  Arc-shade fashion design that extend to flank and perfect match with your face.
5.  Meet CE and ANSI standard.

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